Instructor Development – ID

Start Date: This course will be scheduled after a minimum number of students register.
Schedule: Open
Cost: USPS members – $25.00; non members – $40.00
Fees cover class material (all instruction donated by HSPS)
Location: Noblesville Fire Station #76
16800 Hazel Dell Pkwy, Noblesville, IN 46060
(2.2 miles north of 146 St)
Enrolment: “0” students currently registered

Course Description

Unlike other USPS courses, the Instructor Development course is not designed to enhance boating skills. Rather, its emphasis is on enhancing instructor skills. The course has been designed to demonstrate interactive teaching methods focused on adult learning. Students are required to prepare lesson plans and give four presentations to their peers utilizing a variety of teaching aids and presentation skills. Each presentation is to be given on a topic from one of the public boating classes with the intent that upon completion of the course every student will be qualified to teach or proctor at a squadron boating class.

Fully developed suggested lesson plans for each chapter are contained in the instructor manual and PowerPoint presentations are available, as well as overhead transparency masters.

Certification Policy and History

Many states and adult education programs have become concerned with the quality of instruction being given to the public, especially in the area of boating safety. They are now requiring that anyone who teaches the public be able to show evidence that they have successfully completed an instructor training program. Just as the information in our public boating classes must meet or exceed the standards set by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) and the individual states, our certification process is designed to make certain our instructors are of the highest possible quality.

With the increase in the number of states requiring mandatory safe boating education, we need to be sure that we have not only the best course materials but also the best instructors. USPS has always been committed to high standards in our educational programs and the Instructor Development Committee is committed to helping our instructors to be “the best they can be.” In order to insure that our instructors can show compliance with the new state and NASBLA requirements, USPS has developed a policy for Instructor Certification.

The ID course focuses on how to teach adults using a modern, interactive and fun approach to learning. Students who complete the course will become certified USPS instructors already prepared to teach our boating classes. It is an easy way for members to ‘break the ice’ and overcome any inhibitions or anxieties they may have toward teaching, and the squadrons will have more qualified members willing to teach our courses. The certification will be valid for four years. Certification may be renewed for another four year term by attending a recertification seminar.

Recertification Seminar Description and Materials

The revised 2011 Instructor Recertification Seminar focuses on new technologies and techniques for presenting to adult audiences. It is a fun and audience participative program designed to renew enthusiasm and enhance presentation skills. It covers the benefits and pitfalls of using PowerPoint as an aid, as well as the value of manual aids. We have incorporated a lot we have learned from feedback since the inception of PPT in our courses. It is a two-hour seminar which can be more readily run by squadrons as well as districts.

The 2011 Recertification Seminar Instructor Guide and PowerPoint slides may be downloaded from this site (see Downloads below)

The certification policy has been revised to remove the grandfathering clauses, which expired at the end of 2005 along with the original 4-hour certification seminar. The original seminar was designed to refresh and grandfather current instructors for initial certification and introduce them to the concepts of the new the ID Course. In contrast, the 2011 revision of the seminar is for the recertification of currently certified instructors to keep them enthused and up-to-date with new ideas and concepts. However, it will serve as more than that, as it focuses on presentation skills useful for any kind of presentation whether in a leadership role or as a member providing a program for a membership meeting, etc. As such, the program will need to be revised and refreshed at least every four years.

Go to National website for additional information about this course

Do you have any questions or maybe you would like to sign up for this class? Let us know below in the reply section. We promise to get right back to you.


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