Junior Navigation

Start Date: On-going (contact us for class status)
Schedule: Class meets weekly for a 2 hour period
Cost: USPS members – $75.00; non members – $115.00
Fees cover class material (all instruction donated by HSPS)
Location: Indianapolis Sailing Club
11325 Fall Creek Road at Geist Resaervoir
Sign up: Lou Chenette 317-253-7537 lchenette@att.net

Junior Navigation is the first of a two-part program of study in offshore (open coast) navigation. It is designed as a practical, how-to course using GPS for offshore navigation with sun sight taking using a sextant as a backup technique. The more advanced techniques for other celestial bodies and sights are for study in the subsequent Navigation Course. JN subject matter includes: basic concepts of celestial navigation; how to use the mariner’s sextant to take sights of the sun; the importance and techniques of accurate time determination; use of the Nautical Almanac; how to reduce sights to establish lines of position (LOPs); and the use of GPS, special charts, plotting sheets and other navigational data for offshore positioning and passage planning.

Go to National website for additional information about this course

 Do you have any questions or maybe you would like to sign up for this class?  Let us know below in the reply  section.  We promise to get right back to you.


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